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About Us

Summit is a boutique operation that assists its clients to discover the enviable lifestyle Australia has to offer.

The vast open spaces, pristine environment, fresh farm produces, relaxing and friendly culture, are well regarded by people around the world and remain one of the most desirable country to call home.

Our main clientele are Chinese nationals who are interested in seeking an alternative place of residency from their home country.Whilst we focus on selling and managing properties, we have a range of complementary services for our clients to take advantage of property ownership in Australia. We offer advices on local schools for children; put you in touch with migration agencies; and can individually plan travel itinerary based on your interest.

We strive to deliver the best services we can offer you by thoroughly understanding your requirement. Our team has years of experiences in legal practices, customer services, business management and most importantly, are passionate with the property market in Australia. All these gave us the advantage of truly sympathising your needs and hence exceeding the results you expected.We trust our partnership will be long and fruitful. We look forward to our journey with you.